Wounded and Maimed – Coming Home Soldiers – And, an Old Cigar Box




Among a couple of men come following down an emergency clinic hall,


one man among the couple of pushes a wheelchair-that seems to be a casket,


in it sits a middle.


Legs are gone from the hip, from his hip,


however the upper piece of the instructing man lives,


that’s it, that’s it and not much.


My mind communities and my discourse, and my 6.5 prc ammo for sale mood are broken


I swallow down his developing mindfulness, as though sucking nectar tossed a straw


furthermore, watch this youngster, officer, come following down the passageway


(wide robust, solid durable hands, brawny shoulders, once huge ;


valiant clean-cut face, wearing a skullcap.)


From a convergence, a mismatching crosswalk, they meet,


one more youthful trooper, pale to white, without arms,


what’s more, legs removed at the knees-being pushed something similar,


there’s a sign on the rear of his wheelchair that peruses:


“Baghdad Rats!”


What I’m making here is by all accounts a sonnet however it’s actually a crisis


we’ll choose another congress and president soon-I need to admit,


they’ll express whatever they might be thinking to be chosen


turn out to be involved with all this…again, and over and over!


-there is no closure, battles without an emergency to the Nation!


On the facade of the wheelchair of the main mate, I read:


“I might want to walk buddy, however I just came from Hell.”


We’ll choose another congress and president, soon, I admit,


who will exchange this: a wrongdoing, the wrongdoing, everything being equal!


-there is no closure, battles without an emergency to the Nation!


There the two of them sit, in wheelchairs, supporting themselves:


one by his arms, the other armless swings his body to change his seat,


a youthful officer pale face, legs removed at the knees.


Another fighter strolls by; his arm stumps convey a letter:


where’s the media, the media, the dissenters, I fight?


Dislike it used to be, dissenters out of control,


on transports, and walking on roads, they’re all snoozing


in these two conflicts (Afghanistan and Iraq)-

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