Buying Organic – Pro’s and Con’s of Buying Locally Verses Buying Online

Buying Organic – Pro’s and Con’s of Buying Locally Verses Buying Online


There is a lot of debate about the issue of buying organic products from the local organic store or supermarket compared to buying them online or through local delivery buy cashew nuts online

systems and networks. We all want to reduce our carbon footprint but what is the most environmentally sustainable method of delivery?

When buying fresh organic products the debate goes a little deeper because the further fresh produce has to travel, the more likely it can become contaminated and its freshness slowly declines. Processed organic products are also a subject of concern. Organic products are often manufactured to order or supplies are made based on predetermined order schedules. Organic products often have a lower shelf life due to reduced or no preservatives. This also depends on there manufacturing process.

What’s wrong with organic products bought in Supermarkets?

Well, there is nothing specifically wrong with them. Organic is Organic whichever way you look at it but there are some challenges with its supply and the carbon footprint larger stores can cause.

Manu factured organic products are ideally made no more than a month in advance to retain freshness and increase shelf life. Organic products bought in Supermarkets are likely to have some form of shelf life extender (preservative) added.

Supermarkets hold fresh food products in warehouses for considerably long periods of time. Fresh food we find in the supermarket could have been there for months or more. Fruit is often picked immature or green and stored until needed, when it needs to be ripened the storage bay is filled with ethylene gas to force ripen the fruit.

Supermarkets and smaller shops use a considerable amount of power to operate. Lights are often kept on in large stores at night to assist with security by deterring would be intruders. That’s a lot of power being used.

So what are the best options?

Fresh food should be ideally bought from local organic growers and suppliers. Less transport is always better for fresh food products. Local Farmers Markets are a good option as you can often speak directly with the grower about the organic methods they used to grow the products. I wouldn’t recommend buying fresh food from a Supermarket unless there is no alternative option.


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